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Exciting announcement:

Mike and Suzie's Underwater Photography Gallery now open next to Square Grouper Restaurant in the Florida Keys at 22627 LaFitte Drive, Cudjoe Key, Florida, 33042.

Michael and Suzanne Lombard primarily reside on Cudjoe Key in the Florida Keys.  Our two sons, Zachary and Zeke are also avid underwater enthusiast. 

Mike and Suzanne have been diving and photographing underwater around the world for over 40 years.   We support ocean conservation and recovery of threatened/endangered species such as manatees, turtles, sharks, dolphin, and other rare/ endemic aquatic life.   


The underwater photography focuses on ocean life in the natural habitat.  The Atlantic Gallery includes images from our local favorites - Florida, Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexico and Guadalupe Island. The Pacific Gallery includes images from awesome worldwide locations such as Indo-Pacific, Thailand, Red Sea and Hawaii.  The Fin Families galleries show images by animal species.

Underwater Photography is our passion.  We hope to express and educate others to appreciate and take care of the extremely delicate ocean environment.  Help us protect and cherish the fragile underwater world.

Zachary Lombard diving with Nautilus - Palau
Lombard Family Dive
Zeke Lombard diving showing the Miami U
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