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Highest Quality HD Metal Prints

Our prints are ChromaLuxe Aluminum metal prints creating unusually stunning pieces with rich vibrant colors used in high end art galleries and the fine art industry.  Metal prints are more scratch resistant than anything else in the market.  They will not rust and can be placed in bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor spaces.     


The metal prints are produced with the highest quality processor creating high end prints with the dye sublimination process.  The process uses a 400 degree oven and press to infuse the print all the way through a glossy coating, as opposed to printing on top of the substrate like many lower cost print processes.  The metal prints will last well over 65 years.  For print use outdoor with direct sunlight an EXT surface option is available at 20 percent surcharge to the price/size listing. 

Size & Price


Customize Doubles,Triplets and Quads

Select pictures and arrange order and we will compose a vertical or horizontal doublet, triplet or quad.  

Example of triplets and Quad shown below.

Order/Purchase Steps

1) Put cursor on picture to obtain Picture Number
2) Determine size length/width in inches.  
NOTE: Make sure size is close to picture proportion
3) Email below the order request (Picture numbers and sizes)
4) Order validated, digital proof email to customer for acceptance and quote with shipping cost sent to customer email
5) Once quote accepted , Pay via PayPal credit below, order will be created and shipped within two weeks

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Email :  Phone 305-699-3896

Contact Us/Place Order Below:

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